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How RouteMagic Helps Transport and Logistics Distribution Industry

Efficient Inventory Management

Manage and keep track of your inventory in a most efficient way. Get real-time visibility of stock across all warehouses and vans. At the end of every step, the stock automatically gets updated.

Save Money with Greater Fuel Efficiency

Real-time fuel theft alerts and fuel trends help identify inefficient or abnormal activity. Monitoring of idle time, hard acceleration & deceleration along with advanced analytical fuel reports help in identifying fuel wastage and improve fuel efficiency. RouteMagic lets you create optimised routes for each day according to customer's call schedules with no effort from you. Simple drag-n-drop calls between routes or use Route Optimisation to plan to achieve the best routes for each day. Using either optimised routes or the ETA calculator you can provide accurate visit notifications to customers and track the efficiency of your team, saving time and money.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

All data captured by your drivers is transmitted in real-time to the back office. From the ERP, you can track the progress of each driver, message individuals or groups, and view all POD data including images, signatures, debrief information and associated forms. 

Proactive Communication for Better Customer Experience

Provide real-time delivery updates via automated alerts, notifications, and reports. Your customers can even use a self-service portal and access all the relevant info about the delivery themselves in real-time. 

Route Optimisation for Faster Delivery

RouteMagic offers advanced route planning & delivery scheduling functionality to help you automate regular or standing orders, effortlessly & quickly plan & optimise delivery routes & track the entire process in real-time manner.

Transport and Logistics Distribution Challenges

Lack of Inventory status

Inaccurate or unavailable inventory status can lead to stockouts, overstocking, and inefficient order fulfilment

Inconsistent tracking

Inadequate tracking systems lead to a lack of visibility into the movement of goods, making it difficult to monitor delivery status.

Delivery Delays

Inaccurate ETAs or delays in delivery can lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.

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