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Fruit and Vegetable Distribution: Maximise Freshness and Profit with RouteMagic

Seamless operations for the fresh produce industry through intelligent temperature control, demand forecasting, optimized logistics and full traceability.

How RouteMagic Helps Fruits & Vegetables Industry

Temperature-Controlled Delivery

In the Fruits and Vegetables sector, spoilage is a significant challenge due to the perishable nature of these products. Factors such as improper temperature control, high humidity, and transport delays can lead to rapid deterioration. Addressing this issue requires effective cold storage management, quick and efficient transport logistics, proper handling techniques, and innovative packaging solutions to extend shelf life and reduce decay.

Automatic prompts on field rep mobile to check vehicle temperature
Continuous monitoring and control with IoT integration

Demand Forecasting

Inaccurate prediction of product demand poses a major challenge, often leading to either excess supply that increases spoilage or insufficient stock that misses sales opportunities. This issue stems from difficulty in forecasting consumer preferences and market trends, which can fluctuate based on seasonal changes, economic factors, and evolving dietary habits.

Harness data analytics to refine demand forecasts, reducing overstock and shortages by aligning with market trends and consumer preferences

Logistics and Distribution

Disruptions in transportation, seasonal variability, and fluctuating market demands further complicate logistics, requiring adaptive strategies and robust supply chain management to ensure timely delivery to various markets.

Utilise dynamic route planning to adapt to fluctuating demands and logistical challenges, maintaining consistent delivery schedules
Optimise routes and task assignments across regions to  assure timely deliveries
Reallocate drivers and vehicles flexibly across routes to swiftly adapt to market demands and transportation disruptions
"Live Dispatch" to ensure adherence to 1-hour delivery schedules, even amid logistics challenges
Through "Advanced Navigation" capabilities, field reps can plan multiple customer visits on a route efficiently

Tracing Source

Tracing products through the supply chain is challenging due to the involvement of various intermediaries, such as farmers, wholesalers, and retailers. This complexity can hinder the ability to track produce back to its origin, complicating recalls and quality control.

Leverage a detailed "Inventory Ledger" for a full audit trail that enhances product tracing through complex supply chains
Streamline purchasing and payment processes to improve product tracing through various layers of the supply chain

Compliance to Regulatory Policies

Adhering to regulatory compliance is a critical challenge due to the strict standards governing pesticide use, food safety, and organic certification. Navigating these regulations requires meticulous documentation, regular audits, and stringent quality control measures to ensure that all products meet health, safety, and environmental standards.

Enhance Regulatory Compliance with Visual Product Verification
Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations through rigorous daily vehicle inspections
Automate product content generation to ensure field reps provide compliant and up-to-date information

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