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Farm to Fork Freshness: RouteMagic's
Solutions for Meat Distributors

A single platform that provides real-time visibility and streamline operations, while also maintaining the quality of your perishable goods.

How RouteMagic Helps Fresh Meats Industry

Temperature-Controlled Delivery

Product spoilage due to improper temperature maintenance poses significant challenges, necessitating strict control mechanisms to ensure meats are stored and transported within safe temperature ranges to preserve quality and prevent health risks.

With seamless IoT integration, capture vehicle temperature and track batch
Receive real-time vehicle temperature to ensure meats are delivered safely and improve quality control

Compliance with Food Regulations

Businesses must navigate a landscape of local and international regulations that dictate everything from labeling to storing, all while conducting regular audits and training staff to uphold these standards consistently across the supply chain. This meticulous adherence is critical to prevent contamination and ensure consumer trust in the safety and quality of meat products.

Daily Vehicle Inspections ensure legislative compliance
Auto generation of product information and images to meet health standards

Inventory and Order management

Tracking vast amounts of perishable inventory across multiple storage and distribution points, and ensuring timely order fulfillment to meet the dynamic demands of retailers and consumers. Inadequate systems can result in inventory discrepancies that lead to significant losses either through spoilage of unsold meat due to overstocking or missed sales opportunities due to stock shortages. Implementing robust, real-time tracking systems and analytics is crucial for minimising waste, optimising stock levels, and enhancing responsiveness to market fluctuations.

Prompting "suggested inventory orders" to mitigate understocking issues
Monitor van inventory in real-time to maintain availability and facilitate timely replenishment
Enable normal/blind Stocktakes for accurate inventory reconciliation and adjustment
Utilise signature and image capture to confirm payment and delivery details ensuring accurate order fulfillment
Keep complete track of inventory by streamlining purchasing process & supplier payments

Source Traceability

The challenge of tracking from farm to fork involves the comprehensive monitoring of meat products throughout every stage of the supply chain. This traceability is crucial for several reasons, including ensuring food safety, complying with regulatory requirements, and maintaining consumer trust.

From farm to fork, real-time van inventory tracking ensures meat product safety and consumer trust
Enhance traceability and mitigate payment disputes by capturing reliable proof of delivery, including signatures and photos
Facilitate thorough monitoring of meat products through the supply chain with a detailed "Inventory Ledger"
Get to the source of every product with the help of "Purchase Orders"

Logistics and Distribution

Logistical planning must navigate complex routing, regulatory compliance regarding health and safety, and adapt to demand fluctuations and unexpected disruptions. Efficiently managing these factors is crucial for ensuring timely delivery and maintaining the quality and safety of meat products.

Implement precise route planning to manage logistical complexities and maintain delivery standards
Automatically or manually optimize routes and areas to navigate complex logistics and ensure timely deliveries
Flexibly reassign drivers and vehicles to adapt to routing complexities and ensure timely, compliant deliveries
Ensure timely deliveries within one-hour windows by utilizing "Live Dispatch" to navigate complex routes and adapt to disruptions
Streamline operations across all levels with apps designed to navigate logistical complexities and ensure timely deliveries

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