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How RouteMagic Helps Snacks and Sweets Industry

Anti-Theft Measures

Theft of products is a significant challenge, especially given the high volume and widespread distribution of these consumer goods. The issue often involves both internal and external theft, which can occur at various points in the supply chain from manufacturing facilities to retail outlets. Effective security measures, rigorous inventory tracking, and enhanced surveillance are critical strategies to minimise losses and ensure the integrity of the distribution network.

Track van inventory in real time using back-office tools to improve supply chain security and reduce internal and external theft
Enhance security and minimise theft by using barcode scanning to accurately track products during sales and van loading/unloading
Supports normal/blind Stocktakes to  reconcile/adjust inventory
Enhanced proof of delivery including signatures, photo’s, GPS and Time stamped eliminates disputes
Enforce precise driver compliance using geofencing, effectively reducing theft by limiting operations to a secure, specified radius

Keeping up with Customer Preferences

Keeping up with customer preferences is a critical challenge as tastes and dietary trends rapidly evolve. Companies must continuously innovate and adapt their product lines to meet demands for new flavors, healthier options, and alternative ingredients that cater to allergies and lifestyle choices.

Maintain detailed records of client activities and tastes to adapt fast to consumer preferences and meet service level agreements
Streamline product offerings by automating "Whitelists" and "Blacklists", quickly adapting to changes in customer tastes and dietary preferences
Monitor the effectiveness of free samples on evolving consumer tastes, providing insights into preferences

Inventory Prediction and Management

Accurate inventory prediction and management are essential for balancing production with demand to minimise overproduction or stockouts. This challenge is compounded by seasonal peaks, fast-changing consumer trends, and the introduction of new products, which all affect inventory levels. Effective inventory management requires sophisticated forecasting tools and real-time data analysis to align production schedules with market demand and ensure optimal stock levels.

Categorising products improves inventory management and forecasting to match production with market changes
Monitor van inventory in real-time to enhance replenishment accuracy, preventing overstock and shortages
Boost inventory accuracy with live van-to-van stock tracking, quickly adapting to market demand and reducing discrepancies
Prompts suggested inventory orders to maintain optimal stock levels, adjusting to market trends and preventing understocking
Real-time van stock monitoring data from the back office can improve inventory predictions and new product releases

Delivery and Logistics

With tight delivery schedules and perishable goods, delays can result in product spoilage, increased costs, and dissatisfied customers. Factors such as traffic congestion, weather disruptions, and logistical bottlenecks exacerbate the issue.

Real-time van stock tracking by the back office ensures better inventory oversight, preventing delivery delays
Real-time route progress reporting via live communications minimizes delivery delays
Enhanced delivery performance monitoring ensures prompt responses to delays and discrepancies
Generate optimised routes for field reps with efficient route planning to reduce delivery delays
Reduce potential delays in delivery by automating customer call lists and organised customer visits
Minimise delivery delays by shifting drivers and vehicles between routes to meet operational demands
Live dispatch capability ensures timely deliveries within 1-hour windows, addressing delays

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