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Food-To-Go Domination: RouteMagic Optimises Freshness, Efficiency and Profit

Maximise your food-to-go success with RouteMagic. Our solutions minimise spoilage, streamline operations and ensure compliance for a thriving, profitable business.

How RouteMagic Helps Food-to-go Industry

Maintaining Product Quality and Shelf-Life

Maintaining product quality and shelf-life is crucial for consumer satisfaction and safety, requiring rigorous control of storage conditions and rapid distribution strategies to ensure freshness from the point of production to the point of sale.

Seamless integration with IoT, easily capture vehicle temperature to maintain product life.
Ensure top product quality and shelf-life with "Live Dispatch", perfect for businesses with 1-hour delivery commitments
Improve product quality and shelf-life with live van-to-van transfers, ensuring precise inventory control for freshness
Ensure top product quality and shelf-life with real-time back office monitoring of van stock, ensuring precise inventory control

Inventory Management and Storage

Effective inventory management and storage are pivotal in preventing spoilage and ensuring product availability, requiring precise coordination and real-time tracking to optimize the use of space and maintain strict environmental controls.

Categorise products to streamline operations and analytics, vital for managing inventory and storage complexities
Ensure precise coordination of inventory reconciliation and adjustments with support for normal/blind Stocktakes
Generate precise van load orders using sales history data for accurate stock allocation amidst storage challenges
Improve warehouse efficiency by creating optimised picking routes using Bin Locations
Ensure precise inventory management and storage control by monitoring van stock in real-time from the back office

Returns Management

Inefficient returns management can lead to substantial losses, necessitating robust processes to handle unsold items and returns effectively, ensuring they are managed swiftly to minimize waste and recover costs.

Optimise returns management by conducting "sales on consignment" basis and monitoring stock on the customer shelf
Allow flexible pricing for returned items, especially near expiry, vital for effective returns management
Ensure thorough stock tracking with a comprehensive "Inventory Ledger", crucial for efficient returns management

Dynamic Scheduling and Routing

Dynamic scheduling and routing are essential to accommodate real-time demand fluctuations and traffic conditions, ensuring timely deliveries that maintain product freshness and meet customer expectations efficiently.

Streamline routes with Route Planning to accommodate real-time demand shifts and traffic conditions
Field reps can generate and submit picklists for their routes, aiding adaptability
Tailor van loads using customer order history for better adaptation to real-time demand changes
For dynamic scheduling and routing, assign jobs by optimizing route, area, or collectively
"Live Dispatch" adapts to changing scheduling and routing offering 1-hour delivery windows

Compliance to Food Safety Policies

Adhering to food safety policies is crucial for maintaining public health and ensuring consumer trust, requiring meticulous compliance with hygiene standards, proper food handling, and regular audits to align with regulatory updates and safety practices.

Uphold regulatory standards with Daily Vehicle Inspections, crucial for ensuring food safety
Capture vehicle temperatures and monitor batch traceability to meet food safety standards
Get Real-time updates on Route/Delivery Progress and other concerns to meet health standards
Auto Generation of Product Images and Allergen Information to meet regulatory standards

Real-Time Tracking

The difficulty stems from the need to accurately monitor vehicle location, inventory levels, and delivery progress, necessitating robust GPS and tracking systems. Overcoming this challenge is crucial for optimising logistics, improving customer service, and enhancing overall operational efficiency in the competitive market.

Address real-time tracking challenges by tracking van stock in real-time
Live Communications enables real-time reporting of route progress, aiding in overcoming field challenges
By monitoring delivery performance in real-time, enhance customer service and address issues in real-time
Track real-time development of delivery process with the help of "Route Monitor"

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