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How RouteMagic Helps Automotive Distribution Industry

Inventory Management

In the automotive aftermarket, inefficient inventory management poses significant challenges, leading to overstocking, stockouts, and difficulties in matching supply with fluctuating demand. Poor inventory control can result in increased costs, reduced customer satisfaction, and missed revenue opportunities for aftermarket suppliers and distributors.

Improve inventory management efficiency by analysing products grouped into categories and classes
Maximise inventory efficiency through real-time monitoring of van inventory, enabling timely replenishment
Barcode scanning during sales and van operations improves inventory accuracy
Never run out of stock by enabling live van-to-van stock transfer
Ensure prompt order fulfillment with "Live Dispatch" options, mitigating issues of Inefficient Inventory Management
With clear visibility of stock levels, easily manage stock between multiple depots/warehouses

Transportation and Logistics Cost

From raw materials to finished vehicles, the industry's extensive supply chain incurs expenses due to fuel prices, regulatory compliance, and complex logistics networks. To mitigate these challenges, auto part makers employ strategies such as optimising shipping routes, leveraging technology for efficiency gains, and fostering partnerships to manage costs while ensuring timely delivery.

Maximise cost efficiency with optimized routes for field reps, achieved through efficient route planning
Efficiently allocate jobs by route, area, or overall to minimise transportation and logistics expenses
Fulfill operational needs and reduce transportation costs by moving drivers and vehicles between routes

Comply with Fluctuating Prices and Product Varieties

Volatility in commodity prices affects production costs, while consumer demand and market conditions influence automobile parts pricing. Adapting to these fluctuations requires agile supply chain management, strategic sourcing strategies, and responsive pricing mechanisms to maintain profitability and competitiveness in the dynamic automotive market.

Simplify the management of multiple pricing scenarios and promotions to accommodate fluctuating prices
Stay ahead of the curve by maximising sales through "Volume-based discounts"
Create and manage pricelists using discounts by "absolute value or percentage" to address fluctuating prices
Maintain right pricing strategies by efficiently managing returns and issuance of credit notes
Address product variety challenges with stored preferences and workflows, ensuring compliance with customer SLAs
Simplify product list creation using "Whitelists" and "Blacklists", meeting customisation challenges
Keep track of customer preferences and fulfill demands via "notes" provided to field reps

Integration with Existing Systems

The automotive aftermarket sector struggles to adopt new technology because of the complicated inventory management and order processing operations. With an efficient distribution platform they can process order faster and accurately, manage inventory efficiently, optimise delivery routes with GPS and tracking software. Modernising sales and distribution while retaining reliability and client happiness is necessary to overcome these issues.

Seamless integration of existing ERP Management systems with RouteMagic
Streamlining field and back-office operations with dedicated apps
Leave no corner by serving remote customers seamlessly with offline app capabilities
Digitise entire order life cycle from initiation to fulfilment for better customer insights

Real-Time Tracking

The difficulty stems from the need to accurately monitor vehicle location, inventory levels, and delivery progress, necessitating robust GPS and tracking systems. Overcoming this challenge is crucial for optimising logistics, improving customer service, and enhancing overall operational efficiency in the competitive market.

Address real-time tracking challenges by tracking van stock in real-time
Live Communications enables real-time reporting of route progress, aiding in overcoming field challenges
By monitoring delivery performance in real-time, enhance customer service and address issues in real-time
Track real-time development of delivery process with the help of "Route Monitor"

After-Sales Service and Support

The automotive industry contends with the challenge of inadequate after-sales service and support. This issue includes sluggish response time, insufficient technical support, and scarce spare parts. Addressing these issues is crucial to improving customer satisfaction, long-term partnerships, and manufacturers' and distributors' market reputations.

Implementing a "Customer Ordering App" fosters customer loyalty by improving after-sales service and support
Empower customers with Customer Portal that provides self-service access for delivery POD’s, invoices order updates
Address customer-related challenges , orders with TeleSales Planner

Automotive Aftermarket Facts

The United Kingdom has around 32.7 million passenger cars, with its motorists spending around £21.1 billion on parts and servicing each year.
Alliance Automotive Group

Fleet Management Market size was valued at USD 22.75 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 53.56 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12.68% from 2023 to 2030.
Verified Market Research

The UK automotive aftermarket is thriving, ranking fourth in Europe and ninth in the world in terms of size, and turning over an annual £21.1 billion.
SMMT Reports

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