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Seamlessly Integrate All of Your Systems

Digital transport and logistics management has been traditionally difficult to implement & modify, expensive, and not user-friendly. All this brings inefficiencies and creates issues for teams and their workflow.

A difficult to navigate user-system can result in disorganised warehouses and inventories, inaccurate ordering processes, and a lack of clear-view into the operation. Resulting in unfulfilled or wrong orders, or delays and disruptions that could be avoided.

RouteMagic has designed its Transport & Logistics Management software to integrate smoothly into your system, ensuring ease of use. With its seamless integration into existing accounting software, customisable company, customer, and worker rules, and a handy back office and mobile app interface, you build robust operations with each step feeding into the next in synchrony.

Route Management & Live Tracking
Optimised Inventory Management
Performance & Growth Analytics
Gain Profitability Insights

Integrations and Implementation

Our cloud-based transport and logistics management system does not require a separate hosting platform and is easy to deploy.

The system has been designed to integrate easily and seamlessly with existing accounting systems. Whether you run Sage, Xero, Netsuite, Myob, and a host of other systems, RouteMagic embeds itself alongside existing systems to ensure streamlined processes and complete operational control.

RouteMagic can be accessed from any device, so you can have a quick & full overview of the operation, whenever you need it.

Streamlined Order Processing

Import, process, and track orders automatically. Integrating your existing sales order platforms or methods into RouteMagic, your teams can process orders quickly, reducing the order-to-cash cycle of your operation. Rapidly pass consignments onto teams and drivers using the communicative benefits of a fully integrated back-office system and mobile application.

​Automating ordering stages means you can use resources more efficiently, and all order and delivery details are stored under each consignment, improving organisational abilities and ease of access for the appropriate team members.​

The result is a streamlined ordering process and massively reduced back-office administrative overhead.

Route Management, Live Tracking & Proof of Delivery

Our Route Optimiser automatically calculates the quickest call schedule and route for your drivers to follow, offering exact ETAs that are aligned with customer requirements.

​Track driver progress in real-time using our Route monitor, with all the delivery reports and details accessible to office teams, anytime they need.

​Once a delivery has been made, the proof-of-delivery report, total sales and returns, any photographs or additional details are sent straight to the office for review and processing, improving workflow massively and eliminating paper processes.​

Accurate delivery status and delivery times can be accessed by all of your team and your customers, enabling proactive customer service while saving your team time.

Performance, Data & Analytics

RouteMagic organises sales reports and presents the data in an easy-to-digest format, enabling your management teams to use accurate information to make plans for growth that promise results.​

1. Pull any of the historical records for routes, customers, and drivers.
2. Get custom reports through our reporting module.
3. Use a fully integrated BI tool to slice and dice the data the way you want.
4. Focus on areas that matter and cut your losses.
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