Accelerate Order-to-Cash Cycle

RouteMagic is a transformative solution that expedites the order-to-cash cycle by automating and streamlining key processes. Through its intelligent and intuitive platform, you can manages order creation, fulfillment, and invoicing, minimizing manual errors and reducing processing time. Its advanced analytics and real-time visibility enable you to identify bottlenecks, optimize operations, and improve cash flow. With intelligent routing algorithms and automated reminders, RouteMagic ensures timely deliveries and prompt payment, reducing delays and disputes. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards empower teams to track orders, monitor receivables, and resolve issues efficiently.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

The Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) feature enables you to digitally capture and manage proof of delivery for goods or services. By leveraging electronic technologies, such as mobile devices or specialized software, ePOD eliminates the need for paper-based documentation. It allows delivery personnel to capture signatures, photos, and other relevant information, which is securely stored and accessible in digital form. This feature streamlines the delivery process and provides you with a reliable and efficient method of verifying and documenting successful deliveries, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Streamline end to end operations

Routemagic streamlines end-to-end operations by providing a comprehensive route optimization and logistics management solution. By leveraging advanced algorithms and data analysis, Routemagic efficiently optimizes routes, taking into account various factors like distance, traffic conditions, and delivery windows. This ensures that your fleet operates with maximum efficiency, reducing travel time, fuel consumption, and overall operational costs. With real-time tracking and communication features, Routemagic enables effective coordination between drivers and dispatchers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations from start to finish.

Support Mobile Invoicing

The mobile app can generate the invoice covering all the transactions per your invoice template. This invoice can then be printed using a blue-tooth printer and handed over to the customer at the time of sales/delivery thereby speeding up your order to cash cycle. These invoices can also automatically be emailed to the customer if they prefer a digital copy.

Improve Customer Service

Drivers will have precise delivery instructions to fulfill specific customer requests and routes will be optimized to meet customer time-windows. Your customers can even use a self-service portal and access all the relevant info themselves. Alerts, automation, and reports can be configured so you and your customers are instantly notified about the most crucial aspects of the business. Achieve higher profit margins by combining high-quality goods with exemplary customer service.

GPS & Timestamp Tracking

RouteMagic mobile app integrates with Google Maps, providing your office team with the exact location of all drivers in real-time. It also offers exact time and location stamps for each fulfilled order. Track the time taken for each delivery, to ensure drivers are making the most of each trip

Mobile CRM

Get a more personal understanding of each customer. Offer the right products at the right time, boosting sales & exceeding customer expectations. This proliferates up-sell opportunities & gives you better insights through extensive sales history. Equip both your Van Operatives and your Back-Office ERP with a far greater understanding of each customer's interests, habits, and requirements.

Manage Complex Pricing

Manage complex pricing, organizing distinct prices for each customer, discounts, promotions, etc. Leverage 'Pricelists', to apply for promotions across all/several products to all/sub-set of customers in less than five minutes. Maximize your returns with the right pricing model and have complete control over pricing of each item.

Eliminate Arithmetic Errors

Eliminating errors reduces admin time and system calculating all your financial, right from managing price, exact catch weight product price and all discounted value. Eliminating all pricing errors and keep the records accurate. ensure you stay in complete control of each order, your finances, and margins.

Automatic Anomaly Detection

RouteMagic automatically analyzes trends in your data and then warns you of any unusual purchasing habits. By identifying anomalies, you can minimize costly manual or arithmetic mistakes & improve accuracy.

Benefit from Precise ETAs

See ETAs for the deliveries based on current allocation and check if they fall within the delivery window. Automatically calculating how much time did field worker spend with a customer, and updating the average service duration (at delivery point level) so ETA calculations are more accurate.

Superior Stock Control

Routemagic keeps thorough records of how much stocks in each inventory are updated as stocks are moved between warehouses, to & from vans and customers, separating damaged goods. This allows un/loading to be stress-free, whilst preventing stock pilferage. The system keeps you updated from order creation to delivery, including up-sold & damaged stocks. Knowing Stock levels more coherently means you can plan promotions & discounts more accurately & minimize the chances of unaccounted-for, missing, or insufficient stocks. You can even set up 're-order' levels for important stock items so you get notified as soon as inventory falls below that level. Your staff can enter stock info manually or directly through barcode scanning.

Get AI-Powered Suggestions

RouteMagic offers AI-powered suggestions to enhance its users' operations. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, it analyzes data such as historical routes, traffic patterns, and customer preferences to generate intelligent recommendations. These suggestions may include optimized route sequences, resource allocation improvements, or adjustments to schedules based on real-time conditions. By harnessing the power of AI, RouteMagic helps users make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance.

Automated Alerts/Emails

Alerts send updates on specified emails as alerts are created to update about some concerns or issues which need to be taken care of or take action about an outcome. Alerts, automation, and reports can be configured so you and your customers are instantly notified about the most crucial aspects of the business like ETA for deliveries, PoDs, and invoices.

Customer Client Portal

Our client portal offers your customers a self-service portal to place new orders, receive updates on current orders, and manage payments & invoices in a single online space. ‍This helps to minimize the time spent on the phone while offering customers a more convenient online space to manage their own orders more easily & keep up to speed throughout the entire process.

Up-sell/X-sell opportunities

RouteMagic leverages its capabilities to identify and capitalize on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. By analyzing customer data, purchase history, and preferences, it identifies potential complementary or upgraded products or services that can be offered to customers during their interaction or delivery. With this information, RouteMagic enables businesses to proactively suggest relevant offerings, increasing sales opportunities, enhancing customer satisfaction, and maximizing revenue potential.

Enforce Business Rules

Build a system that suits your workflow, from enforced 75+ company setting including vansales, handhelding profiles and other back office settings.This allows you to personalise the system, grant you optimum productivity.

Gain Profitability Insights

Routemagic will compile reports on your business expenditure & growth, using records from customers, sales, products etc, pinpointing the areas which require more efforts & show slow growth. Leverage these insights to outperform your competitors and expand your business with higher profit margins.

Reduce Returns

By providing accurate product images and descriptions customers make informed decisions, minimizing returns due to mismatched expectations. Implementing quality assurance measures, offering efficient customer support, and utilizing improved packaging further contribute to minimizing returns by ensuring customer satisfaction and product integrity. Additionally, transparent return policies are established to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free return process, reducing friction and managing customer expectations effectively.

Customer Specific Workflows

Routemagic software provides you with many settings. Some are available in common. Some settings can be customized as per individual customers. You can define customer workflow in customer management by adding specific info, customer’s multiple points with a time frame at which the product can be delivered. You can set van sales scheduling on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, set standing orders, pricelists, site visit notes for specific delivery points, and other multiple settings that define the perfect workflow for customers and you can get to know the customer well.

Go Paperless

RouteMagic software helps organizations go paperless by digitizing and automating their route planning and tracking processes. By eliminating the need for physical paper maps, schedules, and delivery notes, the software enables businesses to streamline their operations, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. With features like real-time tracking, digital signatures, and electronic documentation, RouteMagic empowers users to manage their routes and deliveries electronically, ensuring accurate record-keeping and enabling seamless communication between drivers, dispatchers, and customers. This paperless approach not only saves time and resources but also enhances environmental sustainability by reducing paper consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with traditional paper-based workflows.